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Tasters, experience days, lectures and workshops this autumn

We've got some great tasters, experience days, lectures and workshops to help you get inspired this autumn...

Rodin: the father of modern sculpture

For historians, 1917 can be considered one of the most significant years of the 20th century. It was the year the USA officially declared war on Germany, a key turning point in the First World War. It was also the year of the Russian Revolution, with Vladimir Lenin’s rise to power ending over 300 years of Tsarist rule. For sculpture enthusiasts, however, the year 1917 is significant for another reason: as the year the legendary Auguste Rodin sadly passed on – although not without leaving a significant legacy to the world.

The Auteur Rises: Christopher Nolan and Dunkirk on Film

 City Lit film tutor Mary Wild on the rise of the film auteur in modern cinema 

Listen up: How do you find the best recording of a piece of music?

When I was an undergrad, studying music at the University of Nottingham, I remember becoming aware for the first time that certain recordings of famous musical works were prized rather more highly by older students, and staff, th

Grayson Perry Exhibition Review – The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

Just over thirty years ago I was teaching ceramics classes at the Central London Institute – an adult education centre near Euston station, which closed in the late 1980s. One of the students enrolled in my class was a man called Grayson Perry. He had just left art school and had moved to London and wanted to learn to make ceramics! Here we are over thirty years on and I am reviewing his latest one man show at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park...

City Lit welcome UCL plans to recognise BSL as a foreign language for university applicants

It was announced this week that University College London (UCL) has become the first university in the UK to recognise to recognise British Sign Language (BSL) qualifications in its entry requirements.

Literary Inspiration from City Lit

As American literary icon Joyce Carol Oates puts it “Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul.”

City Lit back Mayor of London’s call for improved mental health awareness in the capital

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has this week written an article for the Huffington Post calling for increased awareness amongst Londoners of mental health issues in the capital, following the launch of mental health campaign ThriveLDN in July.

Explore current affairs this August

In a fascinating political climate, City Lit is aiming to keep Londoners informed of current affairs through a number of modern history courses that will examine the recent history of highly topical political issues.

Whistles founder and City Lit student Lucille Lewin speaks about her career reinvention in Daily Mail article

The founder of leading high street fashion chain Whistles, Lucille Lewin, has spoken to the Daily Mail about the importance of being able to reinvent yourself throughout your life, following her time on the ceramics diploma course at City Lit between 2012 and 2014.

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