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music production equipment Music production courses at City Lit are ideal for anyone who wants to start making their musical ideas a reality. Our courses also offer a chance for experienced producers and music makers to take their projects to a new level of professionalism.

A fully-equipped, industry-standard music technology suite allows you to work week-by-week at your own workstation, building up and honing musical projects while being guided by experienced tutors who are experts in their field.

Whatever your preferred style of music, whichever (if any) instrument you play, and whatever your level or experience, we have evening, daytime and weekend music production courses; all aimed at teaching you exciting ways to use the latest technology to help you compose, record and perform music.

The core of our offer is training at beginner and advanced levels in music software like Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live and ProTools; optionally followed by our Advanced Mixing and Production Techniques course. These classes will teach you how to record and mix music that sounds just as good as that coming out of professional studios.

For those just starting out we recommend our courses 'Make your own beats and backing tracks' and 'Vocal recording techniques', which provide a fun and practical route into the world of music production and recording.

If you're interested in pushing the envelope of sound creation we have our three-module Sonic Arts course, which comprises training in Max/MSP, an introduction to the practices and techniques available to sonic artists, and a course in experimental composition.

Finally, our goal-oriented workshops such as 'Advanced Beatmaking' provide expert training in specific areas of production and music-making.

If you’d like to read more about what each software package can do for you click here.

So come and have fun with music production and technology using the latest hardware and software - suitable whether you want to compose, perform, produce or DJ.

Quotes from our learners:

"The course covers all I needed to know in order to create my music - and some extra useful tips on equipment choice."

"The tutor knows her subject inside out and is patient and helpful. I've learnt more (about music production) in 10 weeks than I would have in 6 months using a book."

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Read a detailed description of the software we teach, what each package can be used for, and which famous music personalities are associated with them.

Watch a video of our music production and technology coordinator showing you round the studio and introducing you to our courses.

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Featured Courses

Featured Courses

Finish that track! Have you endless bits and pieces of music but nothing really finished? Work on your own material learning how to structure, use harmonic progression, cross-mix genres and styles and remix techniques to finish that track! Date: Mon 28/04/14 - 14/07/14 Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Fees: Full fee: £285 Senior fee: £188 Concession: £177: Kodaly workshop An introduction to Kodály’s revolutionary approach to music education


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