Performing arts

Performing arts

From acting to instrument playing, comedy to dance, enjoy a performing arts course at City Lit in the evenings, daytimes or at weekends. We're in the centre of London with excellent facilities and expert tutors who are brilliant at communicating their enthusiasm. What will you choose?

Performing arts highlights

Acting and theatre

Acting and theatre





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  1. Magic for performance

    Magic is more than just tricks. Learn presentation, patter and four principles: coins, cards, rope and sponges. Learn to pass magic entrance exams in the first and only course of its type in the country.
    Full fee: £114.00
    Senior fee: £80.00
    Concession: £70.00

  2. Harmonica: intermediate

    This 4 week intermediate harmonica course is suitable for you if you have done our Harmonica beginners course or have equivalent experience.
    Full fee: £64.00
    Senior fee: £64.00
    Concession: £64.00

  3. Writing song tunes

    What makes a memorable, satisfying tune? Through analysis of popular songs of the last century, examine how craft can serve inspiration. Enhance your own compositional endeavours. Some music theory knowledge is desirable.
    Full fee: £96.00
    Senior fee: £96.00
    Concession: £96.00

  4. ABRSM jazz piano syllabus

    A unique opportunity for classical piano teachers to become familiar with the piano syllabus materials (style, harmony and improvisation) at grades 1-5, and develop understanding of how to prepare exam candidates.
    Full fee: £128.00
    Senior fee: £128.00
    Concession: £128.00

  5. Compression masterclass

    Achieve total control over your dynamic range by learning a variety of compression techniques for vocals, drums and side chaining tricks with examples in a variety of software but equally suited to hardware users. An ideal complement to our term long courses.
    Full fee: £90.00
    Senior fee: £90.00
    Concession: £90.00

  6. Storytelling

    Storytelling is about listening, sharing and telling stories. You will look at both personal and traditional stories and explore ways of telling stories in a fun and engaging way.
    Full fee: £121.00
    Senior fee: £121.00
    Concession: £74.00

  7. Diploma ABRSM piano: advice and guidance

    If you're preparing / thinking about preparing for the ABRSM diploma in music performance (piano), come and work with the tutor on parts of your programme, focusing on technique, interpretation and stylistic awareness. We will also address issues around quick study, the viva voce, programming, writing programme notes, and concert preparation / presentation.
    Full fee: £71.00
    Senior fee: £71.00
    Concession: £71.00

  8. Introduction to ancient Greek tragedy and comedy

    This practical course will introduce you to both tragedy and comedy in ancient Greek drama.
    Full fee: £135.00
    Senior fee: £135.00
    Concession: £135.00

  9. Latin piano 2

    For graduates of Latin piano 1, or players with similar experience. Develop your playing, and tackle Cuban and Brazilian tunes wih more complex harmonic content. We will play percussion as well as practising piano parts.
    Full fee: £86.00
    Senior fee: £86.00
    Concession: £86.00

  10. Advanced composition: experimental techniques

    Develop skills, ideas and techniques in new and contemporary composition. Use acoustic instruments and electronic technologies to make new work through shared and individual creativity and give impact in performance.
    Full fee: £320.00
    Senior fee: £320.00
    Concession: £199.00

1 - 10 of 441
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