Centre for Deaf education

Centre for Deaf education

City Lit has had provision for deaf people at its heart right from the start. Some of the first courses ever offered by City Lit were lipreading classes for deafened soldiers returning from World War 1. Over the years, we have grown to become an internationally-renowned centre of a wide range of provision - it is the largest centre of its kind in Europe. Our staff is a mixed group of deaf and hearing professionals – all highly skilled in their own areas of specialist expertise.

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  1. BSL intermediate

    If you have passed level 1 in BSL but are not quite ready to do level 2, this course is for you. Practise storytelling, having conversations and presenting information to others in an unhurried and friendly class. This is not an exam class, but you will receive an attendance certificate.
    Full fee: £441.00
    Senior fee: £309.00

  2. BSL level 1

    Have you always wanted to learn British Sign Language and communicate with Deaf people? Develop the skills you need to gain the level 1 BSL qualification, accredited by Signature.
    Full fee: £599.00
    Senior fee: £449.00

  3. Lipreading teacher training course

    Would you like to teach lipreading to adults? Combine this course with a teaching qualification, such as our Award in Education and Training (C&G 6502) for Lipreading Teachers (course code GT105), and you will qualify as a teacher of lipreading in the lifelong learning sector. Attend City Lit for three lecture blocks and undertake observation and teaching practice in your local area. Tutors: Fiona Pickett and Lorraine Braggins.
    Full fee: £2,170.00
    Senior fee: £2,170.00
    Concession: £2,170.00

  4. Understanding computer problems and fixing them (for Deaf people)

    Learn how to resolve the most common computer problems. Look at what's inside the computer and how it works. You should have basic computing experience.
    Full fee: £66.00
    Senior fee: £43.00
    Concession: £33.00

  5. BSL level 2: presentation skills practice workshop

    Are you on a BSL level 2 course (or have you just achieved level 2) and want to brush up your presentation skills? Join this workshop in preparation for your BSL level 2, unit 202 exam. A great opportunity to practise your presentation skills with others, on a range of topics.
    Full fee: £60.00
    Senior fee: £60.00
    Concession: £60.00

  6. Level 6 NVQ in BSL - part 2 (portfolio)

    Have you achieved the level of knowledge and skills necessary to start your portfolio for your Level 6 NVQ in BSL? Collect evidence and develop your portfolio with help from our experienced teaching and assessment team.
    Full fee: £1,366.00
    Senior fee: £1,366.00
    Concession: £1,366.00

  7. Full fee: £1,280.00
    Senior fee: £1,280.00
    Concession: £1,280.00

  8. Level 3 certificate in BSL

    This course is ideal for you if you have passed level 2 in BSL and you are ready to develop the knowledge and skills needed in order to achieve the level 3 qualification, accredited by Signature.
    Full fee: £1,280.00
    Senior fee: £1,280.00
    Concession: £1,280.00

  9. Fast-track BSL level 6 NVQ

    This is an individual one to one course, which is suitable if you are already fluent in BSL at level 6. It is an ideal route if you work with Deaf people, as you must be able to collect your own evidence externally for your portfolio. You will be asked to attend a series of five sessions, which last for two hours each. The duration of the course is flexible, as you will negotiate the dates and times of your sessions with the assessor.
    Full fee: £861.00
    Senior fee: £861.00
    Concession: £861.00

  10. Desktop publishing (for Deaf people)

    Learn how to create greeting cards, personal or business cards and posters.
    Full fee: £57.00
    Senior fee: £37.00
    Concession: £29.00

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