Genetics and evolution

Discover how cell biology and DNA have led to a new understanding of human development, forensics and medical breakthroughs.
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  1. Animal and human interaction: from the Pleistocene to the medieval world

    Course Date: Tue 1 Aug 2017
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    Well over 20,000 years ago, we see signs in the archaeological record that humans are beginning to domesticate other animals. You will gain a picture of the enduring and changing relationship between human and animal.
    Full fee: £39.00
    Senior fee: £31.00
    Concession: £17.00

  2. Introduction to human evolution

    Course Date: Sun 20 Aug 2017
    Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
    You will learn about how our hominin ancestors evolved and lived and how new evidence has fundamentallly changed our understanding of this process. This concise exploration of the inter-disciplinary field of palaeoanthropology introduces radiometric dating, palaeontology and archaeogenetics.
    Full fee: £49.00
    Senior fee: £39.00
    Concession: £25.00

2 Item(s)

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