Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer to your question below, you can call us on 020 7831 7831 or join us on Facebook and ask us anything you like.


Opening times

City Lit locations: where will my course take place?

Although most courses take place at the main City Lit site on Keeley Street, we do hold a number of courses at other locations nearby in central London, including EC Euston, The Fashion Retail Academy and our Photography Studio Kean Street. Please take note of the location of your course on your receipt (which you receive when you enrol) and refer to our map. If your location states 'off site' or is not listed on the map, please contact your programme area for more information. 

We have produced venue guides for each of our locations, except for the Kean Street Photography Studio, which is around the corner from Keeley Street.

See Our locations for how to get to City Lit

Parking and cycling

Can I park my car at City Lit?

Due to our Central London location we are unable to provide car parking spaces. There are commercial car parks in Drury Lane and Parker Street and a few metered parking bays in the area (parking in both is very expensive). There is a disabled parking bay outside City Lit.

Is there a secure place for me to store my bike?

Cycle racks are available next to and behind City Lit. Bikes are left at the owner's risk. Please ensure that your bike is securely locked.

Support and paying for your course

Is there financial help available for tuition fees, travel and course materials? 

If you receive benefits or have a low income, you may be eligible to get help from our Learner Support Fund or Student Bursary via a loan or grant. Contact our Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) team on 020 7492 2500, email or drop in to the Student Centre on the mezzanine.

How is my course funded?

Thanks to government subsidies, on average we only need to charge you for less than half of the cost of your course. For a typical course you pay just £90 as the government pays a further £90 to cover the remaining cost of the course.

Can I receive additional support in the classroom?

If you have requested support during your enrolment, our Access, Inclusion and Study Support department will to contact you to discuss this.  However, in order to arrange your support in time for your class, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide support in every case.  Telephone 020 7492 2506, Text message/SMS 07624 818558 or email

Complaints and Refunds

How do I contact City Lit to make a complaint or give feedback?

All details on how to get in touch with us to make a complaint or to give us feedback can be found on our Get in Touch page.

If I find that a course is unsuitable for me, can I get a refund?

We will refund your fees provided we receive your written request at least one week before your course starts. We will charge you a 20% administration fee, with a minimum of £10.00 per refunded course. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Will I get a refund if my course is cancelled?

Yes, although we aim to run all courses as advertised. If we do have to cancel a course, you will receive a refund and a £5 shopping voucher as compensation for your disappointment.

Can I get a refund if the tutor or location of the course changes?

No, City Lit reserves the right to change course tutors or venues from those advertised.  

Using the facilities at City Lit

Is there somewhere I can buy food and drinks?

The Lunch Room cafe on the ground floor serves light meals, snacks and drinks.  

Find out more about the cafe:

Where can I use a computer, access the internet or use a photocopier for course work?

As a City Lit student, you can make full use of our library and facilities in our Student Centre for free. Visit us on the mezzanine floor to join. We have a computer area with access to the internet and photocopiers. We can also advise you on how to access our wireless network. There is a small charge for printing and photocopying.

For more information about the coming changes please visit our website:

Coming to your first class

What do I need for my first class?

You can find this information on your course outline. Course outlines are available from Enrolments, Reception and on our website. 

I don't know my way around the building, how can I find my first class?

Room numbers for classes are listed on the plasma screen in reception. The first digit in each room number reflects the floor it is on, i.e. 407 will be on the 4th floor, and 507 will be on the 5th floor. At the beginning of term there are stewards in the foyer to help you find your class, or you can always ask at reception.

Receiving email updates and printed course guides and joining us on social media

How can I update my personal details with City Lit?

Please do let us know of any change of address or contact details. You can do this by calling 020 7831 7831 or emailing

Can I receive a course guide automatically when a new one is released?

Add yourself to our course guide mailing list or contact us on 020 7492 2600 and follow the instructions to request a course guide, or email

Can I receive regular updates via email?

Yes you can. Sign up for our email updates and information.

Can I find City Lit on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?

Yes! You can join our community on Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter and you can view our latest videos on YouTube

Attending classes and after the class has finished

Does it matter if I miss some of my classes?

You will gain the most from your course if you attend every session. In some cases, missing a session can make it hard to take part fully in following ones. Each course outline tells you what you can expect to achieve on the course – this assumes that you are present throughout. If you need to miss a session, contact the department that runs your course, as there may be ways for you to catch up. 

What course can I do next?

Our IAG team can assist you with your choices - whether at City Lit or elsewhere. Each programme area also offers specialist advice on the subject of your choice.

Our shared values at City Lit

We believe that City Lit embodies and demonstrates British values on a daily basis through our openness and accessibility, democratic structure for communication, representation and ideas; our engagement with students; our policies of equality, diversity, respect and inclusivity; encouragement of freedom of speech through the courses we run; and our intolerance of prejudice at any level.

These shared values are demonstrated by the City Lit community on a daily basis; so by walking into our diverse and multi-cultural environment people will see our values at work. Respect for each other is a fundamental principle of the college and is part of the daily routine for all staff amd students. Our tutors will ensure that everyone in the classroom experiences our values for example by having an opportunity to speak, present or express their views regardless of their background or culture. 

Find out more

If you'd like further information on how we ensure all students, staff and our wider City Lit community feel safe and secure, you can read our key policies and documents in full: