Full, senior and concessionary fees

Full fee

The full fee is paid by everyone who doesn’t qualify for the senior, concessionary or international fee.

Senior fee

City Lit invites you to apply for the senior fee if you are over 65 and believe you need it, this is based on a self declaration rather than a means tested system. 

No age related concessions are offered on vocational courses: defined as those which attract a recognised vocational qualification, or the title makes it clear it is aimed at employability. 

The senior fee is available on most daytime courses only. 

Only request the senior fee if the following statement applies to you:

On many courses City Lit provides some financial support, aimed at older learners (aged 65 or over), who rely entirely on a state pension or whose household income is below £15,276 per year. Please note that the Government does not provide any automatic concessions for retired people.

If you wish to claim this senior fee please select the senior fee option in the checkout as you book your course online, or indicate this in the reduced fees section of the printed enrolment form and learning agreement, or by informing enrolment staff when booking by telephone.

Concessionary fee

Employment and Support Allowance and Jobseeker's Allowance

You may be eligible to pay the reduced concessionary fee if you can provide evidence that you are receiving either Employment and Support Allowance or Jobseeker’s Allowance. Please provide a recent letter from JobCentre Plus/Department for Work and Pensions confirming that you are in receipt of benefit. We cannot accept Jobseeker’s Allowance appointment booklets as valid evidence.

If you are not in receipt of either of the above, then we may also accept evidence of:

Income Support

Please show us your official letter/evidence.

Working Tax Credit or Pension Guarantee Credit 

Please provide the original full award certificate, detailing a household income of less than £15,276 per year.

Housing or Council Tax Benefit/Support 

Please show us your official letter/evidence. Please note that Council Tax exemptions and Council Tax discounts are not classified as Council Tax Benefit.

Universal Credit (conditions apply) 

Please show us your official letter/evidence. 

If you are enrolling in person, by post or by fax, you must provide current evidence of your entitlement each time you enrol. If you are enrolling by telephone, you must provide current evidence of your entitlement before the course starts or within two weeks of enrolment, whichever is sooner. If we do not receive evidence of your entitlement to a concessionary fee we will need to charge you the full fee for your course.

Evidence checklist

Your evidence must:

  • be dated within the last 6 months
  • show your name as a claimant (or a dependent)
  • cover the start date of the course

If you are finding it difficult to obtain your evidence, you may find it helpful to download and use our Evidence for Concessionary fees form in place of your benefit letter. Simply bring this to your benefits agency or JobCentre Plus, who will sign and stamp this to confirm your income-based benefits. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Child Tax Credit or Carer's Allowance as evidence of entitlement to reduced (concessionary) fees. Full time students are not eligible to pay the concessionary fee. 

Financial help is available

If you work and have a very low income, but are not entitled to pay the concessionary fee, you may be able to apply for help towards part of the fee from the Student Bursary scheme.

Concessionary fee rule changes

Due to the way the government funds our concessionary students, we reserve the right to limit the number of concessionary places on any course and/or change the guidelines on entitlement to concessionary fees mid-academic year. We are committed to making our courses affordable to as wide a group as possible. If you are interested in enrolling on a course and are worried about paying the fees, or if you have any questions, please contact us on 020 7492 2500.