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Forensic psychology

Is there such thing as a criminal mind? What makes someone confess to a crime they did not commit? Can we detect lying? These are some of the issues addressed in forensic psychology.

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Date: 1 May 14 - 5 Jun 14
Places available

Personality psychology: an introduction

Is personality fixed or does it change? Can one really have a split personality? Despite personality being such a central idea in psychology, what makes each of us unique is still puzzling and open to question. Come and explore possible answers.

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Date: 3 Jun 14 - 8 Jul 14
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Positive psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Discover more about this exciting new approach on this introductory course.

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Date: 29 Apr 14 - 20 May 14
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Psychology and counselling

Explore the connection between these related but different disciplines. This bird's eye view of how psychological theories underpin counselling practice will cover humanistic, cognitive behavioural and psychoanalytic approaches. What do psychologists think about the effectiveness of counselling?

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Date: 28 Jun 14
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Psychology of addiction

Are some people susceptible to addiction? How do substances affect our central nervous system and emotions? How do you understand different addictions, ie sex, eating or computers? How is addiction treated? You will discover the answers to these and other questions by looking at addiction from disease theory to most recent bio psychosocial theory.

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Date: 15 Jun 14 - 20 Jul 14
Places available

Psychology of attachment 2

Romantic and professional relationships: discover your style of attachment and learn how it can influence you in love and work relationships. This course and 'Psychology of attachment 1' (PP120) can be studied independently.

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Date: 5 Jun 14 - 10 Jul 14
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