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To be assertive is to develop the skill of communicating effectively and on equal terms with others. These practical workshops enable you to gain the self esteem and confidence to express yourself.

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Various dates. Places available

Assertiveness at work

Lack of communication and misunderstandings are key factors in poor working relationships. Asserting yourself can help reduce anxiety and stress, increase motivation and develop positive relationships with managers, staff and colleagues.

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Date: 11 May 14 - 18 May 14
Places available

Assertiveness club

Learning assertiveness is one thing, doing it isn’t always so easy. This practical workshop will give you an opportunity to recap and refresh your assertiveness skills. Bring along your challenging scenarios and explore them through role play, in a safe and supportive setting. You need to have completed 10 hours of assertiveness training within the last three years.

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Date: 12 Jul 14
Places available

Coaching and developing others

Learn some key coaching skills and techniques and take this chance to practise and experience coaching. Develop your ability to facilitate positive change in others and start work on your own coaching action plan.

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Date: 3 May 14 - 10 May 14
Places available

Creating time to listen and think (NLP)

Whether you’re seeking personal growth or are looking to develop teamwork, you'll benefit from knowing how to think for yourself and create an environment that helps others to do the same.

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Date: 21 Jun 14
Places available

How to identify thinking styles (using NLP)

Our thinking affects how we respond to situations in the world. Yet often we run patterns of thinking and behaviour that are outside of our awareness. Understanding thinking traits is key when seeking to communicate, influence or motivate ourselves or others.

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Date: 28 May 14
Places available

Interview skills

Would you like to improve your interview skills? Learn what it feels like to be both the interviewee and the interviewer. Prepare for job interviews and gain confidence to ask and respond to robust interview questions.

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Date: 1 Aug 14
Places available

Life coaching: GROW model

Come and gain an understanding of how to use the GROW model. Practise key coaching skills and enjoy first hand experience of coaching others and of being coached. You'll also have the opportunity to explore issues, gain clarity and set some goals.

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Date: 5 Jul 14
Places available

Mindfulness for managers

Whatever you manage: projects, people or home life, mindfulness can enhance focus and creative thinking. Explore a range of techniques to enable ‘mental spring cleaning’, help reduce stress and improve your work/life balance.

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Date: 24 Jul 14
Places available

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