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Student bursary

Our Student Bursary scheme supports those with financial difficulties, ensuring they can enjoy the many opportunities that learning can bring.

The student bursaries provided by City Lit provide students with financial help towards the cost of their course fees.

There is a separate government funded scheme to help with costs of books and materials - this is the Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF), email our Advice Team for more information on the DLSF.

How to donate

Online: Donate via the secure City Lit Justgiving website [External website].

By post: You can send a cheque to Student bursary c/o Finance, City Lit, 1-10 Keeley Street, London, WC2B 4BA.

At City Lit: You can make a donation at the enrolment or reception desk.

Students who have received a bursary share their stories...

“Losing one’s hearing can often mean losing one’s work. The bursary helped me with a ‘life saving’ life skills course which was too expensive for me at full price. Lip reading is an essential skills for those with acquired hearing loss – without the bursary I could not have afforded the course.”

“I was desperately searching for employment when I approached City Lit in order to boost my employability. The public speaking course boosted my confidence at a time when it was at ‘an all time low’, and enabled me to add proficiency to my CV. Shortly afterwards I was interviewed by an employment agency who quickly found legal admin employment for me. I am very grateful to City Lit college for this and especially the bursary programme.” 

“Going to City Lit has given me that rarest commodity – hope. I was made redundant in the beginning of 2008. Going back to study has made a huge difference to me, it is so exciting to be learning, moving forward and being active. Without the student bursary, it would not have been possible.” 

“I’m a single mother, with no regular income, without the student bursary there is no way I could have afforded to do the foundation in acting. This course has changed my outlook on life. I am able to realise my dreams and now I have hopes for a new career, and I am way more confident. As a result I have work experience that I never thought possible.”

“If I had not been able to access these funds I would not have been able to continue my education.”

“I will be going to do teacher training in September and need a maths GCSE. I would have found it difficult to pay the full cost because I am on a low salary. The student bursary really helped me.”

Facts and figures

Students who have received a bursary tell us how their courses have helped to increased opportunities for them, improved their confidence, helped them achieve their goals and given them more hope for the future. 

Helping those in need:

  • 85% of bursary students have annual incomes below £10,000
  • 1/3 have a disability
  • 50% do not have a paid job and 33% work part-time
  • 30% describe themselves as disadvantaged
  • 40% have have encountered obstacles to prevent them living successful lives.

Making a difference: 

  • 96% of bursary students felt their course improved their skills
  • 83% felt an increase in confidence
  • 65% felt their course improved their well being
  • 54% were more active in the community following their course
  • 65% felt their course resulted in them being able to contribute more in work situations
  • 46% felt their course resulted in them contributing more to society.

Applying for a bursary

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, the Student Bursary can help you pay for course fees. 

Read our Bursary guidance notes for more information

Please complete the online application form or speak to our Information and Advice team who can discuss options with you, and tell you more about how to apply for a bursary:

Student Centre and Library


City Lit

1-10 Keeley Street

London WC2B 4BA

Tel: 020 7492 2500 

Email: advice@citylit.ac.uk