Animation at City Lit

Are you interested in animation? If so, we have a choice of courses from traditional animation to 3D digital modelling. Whether you're a beginner, or you would like to advance your current knowledge, our part-time courses delivered by expert tutors could be exactly what you're looking for. 

Courses coming up 

 VK491 Cameras and lights in After Effects

Effective use of cameras and lights are the key to creating professional sequences in After Effects. Learn how to create compelling scenes adding depth and shadows through animating camera and light settings and movements. You are expected to have basic knowledge of After Effects including, animating 2D and 3D layer transformations.

Thursdays   25/06/15 - 09/07/15   18:00-21:00

VK498 An introduction to 3D digital modelling and animation

Dive into 3D digital modelling. Learn how to create and animate digital 3D models using 4D Cinema Lite: the 3D software that comes free with Adobe After Effects.

Sundays   19/07/15 - 16/08/15   10:30-16:30

VK448 Animation summer school

Learn a range of traditional and experimental stop motion animation techniques including cut-out, drawn and hand animation. Learn how to storyboard, shoot and edit your animation to produce an exciting animated narrative sequence.

Mon – Fri   27/07/15 - 31/07/15   10:00-17:00

 VK477 Model animation summer school

Learn how to create and animate engaging 3D model characters and some of the key techniques and processes involved in professional 3D model animation.

Mon – Fri   17/08/15 - 21/08/15   10:00-17:00