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2018: the year to learn a new language

Story added 29th Jan 2018

Welcome to the exciting challenge of learning a new language...


Recent research suggests the British public has never been more motivated to learn a new language, with up to 1 in 5 Brits saying they plan to make this the year they take that first step and sign up for language courses.

The study, carried out by polling firm Populus, suggests the ambition to learn a second language has overtaken traditional goals such as taking on a new fitness regime or making time to travel.

The research uncovered some interesting trends that suggest many Brits currently feel inadequate due to their lack of language skills, with 45% saying they felt embarrassed at being unable to speak another language.

And it seems many Brits are determined to stay the path once they commit to language classes with 64% of respondents expressing a desire to reach fluency in a second language.

Finally it seems the ‘Brexit’ effect may be encouraging people to consider taking up a new language, with 58% agreeing there has never been a more important time for people to reconsider their language skills.

A recent British Council report (November 2017) suggests Spanish, Mandarin, French, Arabic and German are the most in demand languages for Brits looking to take up language courses, with Italian, Dutch, Portuguese,  Japanese and Russian also becoming increasingly popular options.

City Lit offer language courses in all these languages and more. With over 27 languages to choose from, make 2018 the year you start learning a new language with us in central London.

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