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Annemarie O'Sullivan - From Student to Tutor and Successful Basketmaker

Story added 1st Oct 2018

Annemarie O'Sullivan in her studio - photo taken by Dominic Harris


Tell us a little bit more about yourself, what do you currently do?

My name is Annemarie O'Sullivan and I work full time as a basketmaker making a range of small scale domestic work through to large scale installations and sculptural work. I work primarily with willow which I grow near my home in East Sussex. My husband works full time with me; his work is primarily around preparing the willow and steam bending wood.

What courses did you do at City Lit? 

I came to City Lit one day a week for 5 years in 2006. I took the part 1 and part 2 creative basketry courses. These were both two year courses. I also spent a year as a workshop student.

What have you enjoyed the most about City Lit?

I came to City Lit shortly after I had my second child. I had no free time and money was very tight. It seemed like a ridiculously indulgent thing to start a course but I had been quietly obsessing about baskets for a couple of years and couldn’t find anyone to learn from near where I lived. 

Coming to City Lit was life changing. It opened up a world of materials, skills, techniques and a community that I couldn’t have accessed anywhere else in Britain. It is the sweetie shop for basketmakers. The course has been running for years and nowhere else in the country can you find such a rich mix of basketry courses - willow, coiling, cane, plaiting rush, knotting and netting to name but a few.

What’s the best thing about learning at City Lit? 

I think the range of people and inclusivity really stands out. I love the sense of diversity and interaction between lots of different types of people. 

What are you currently working on, exciting projects/courses?

I’m in the midst of a new series of works which are based on traditional agricultural frame baskets. My husband and I took time out a couple of years ago researching frame baskets around Britain and Ireland. Now I've finally managed to work out how to bring this new strand into my practice. 

I'm also teaching a willow basketry masterclass at City Lit starting in March 2019. 


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