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Artists in Lockdown - Natalie Dee, City Lit Fine Art Year 1

Story added 21st Jul 2020

Natalie Dee

Artists in Lockdown
Natalie Dee, City Lit Fine Art Year 1  

"Being in lockdown has definitely had an effect on my personal projects on the course. Since I don't have a studio and I am worried about the mess drawing and painting can create, I have been working on a much smaller scale as opposed to the artwork created at school. Even though this might be a negative, it has given my art experiments a whole new level. I am more creative about working with new materials which are less messy, such as trying for the first time to use oil pastels and water soluble crayons. My whole view on art has changed. I don't have to own expensive art materials to be able to produce successful pieces. It is all in the idea which can be developed on a daily basis until I reach an interesting result. Producing smaller pieces has given me the opportunity to experiment more and discover new materials and techniques. 

I believe my work has taken on a new psychological approach. In my last project I've been trying, without realising at first, to understand the human psyche more. Through painting and printmaking, I was attempting to portray my own feelings about others, but also representing others through my own projection of them.

The main thing that I was worried about during lockdown was losing the opportunity to discuss artwork with my colleagues and get inspired by their work and feedback. My classmates have all been great by supporting each other through a whatsapp group where we all share artwork and help support each other daily. Lockdown has brought us closer definitely. I have also enjoyed the freedom lockdown gave me in doing artwork. When you work alone, you tend to be less critical of your work and more free. Inspiration can strike at any minute unexpectedly and working at home allows for this creativity to flow without any time or place restrictions.

I’m hoping to move on to City Lit Fine Art - Year 2 next. 

 My project was about reflecting on first impressions when you come across a stranger while walking or cycling. The mysterious identity of the stranger coupled with the movement inspired me to experiment with different collages using sketching, cut outs of these sketches and old discarded prints and paintings. The first image is an example of this process indicating movement and vagueness. 

After tens of similar experiments, I finally was led to produce image 2 which ended up being a self portrait. This is a digital collage emphasising the complexity of the human psyche in understanding the various feelings when seeing strangers, but also what goes on inside one's mind as a reflection on the world surrounding us and a projection of our own thoughts and ideologies."