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Artists in Lockdown - Sally Kefi, Year of the Figure and Portrait

Story added 21st Jul 2020

Sally Kefi, images of India from my kitchen window

Artists in Lockdown
Sally Kefi, Year of the Figure and Portrait, Advanced


"Lockdown has focused me to work more consistently on my drawing and painting. Previously the course would have been only a Friday commitment followed by visiting exhibitions during the week. I have benefitted enormously because there have been no distractions as well as having to stay at home.

Although the tutors have been giving us project ideas, it has meant searching for visual information, either from previous work or sourced from the media. Newspaper images have had a great influence on my lockdown work.

I have travelled in India over the past four years. This painting is me sitting at my kitchen table "Images of India from my kitchen window".

I am a ballet fan and enjoy drawing dancers in movement. I met Heidi at the Live Drawing Classes with the English Nation Ballet ENB, and from the start of lockdown, I watched Tamar Rojo give a morning ballet class everyday, for about a month, from her kitchen.

In order to draw the figure I took snapshots on my mobile from the images on YouTube."

This painting is "Tamar's morning class from her kitchen".