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Artists in Lockdown - Sandra Beidas, City Lit Fine Art Year 1

Story added 21st Jul 2020

Artists in Lockdown
Sandra Beidas, City Lit Fine Art Year 1


"These are some of the images I produced as part of what became a mixed media project in the final term about place and memory: mine was related to my mixed British-Palestinian heritage, destruction/obliteration, and walls built to separate peoples.  

I live in Nottingham where I assist and support my disabled 93-year-old mother.  I signed up for VM550 Fine Art Course because there is nothing available in Nottingham to suit my needs so until lockdown I was commuting to London every week for the Thursday and Saturday classes while carers looked after my Mum.  (Note that I had lived in London years ago and had done some City Lit art courses in 1993 as well as short courses in 2018/19.  In many ways London has been a second home for me and the course has enabled me to see my London friends and family more regularly.) 


I have had absolutely no regrets about signing up for the course.  The teaching has been fantastic, but also we are a dynamic group and learning from each other too.  Our group seemed to bond very early on and the bonds have continued even since lockdown. The course is exactly what I needed to focus and develop my art practice, and I would say that the progress I have made overall is probably beyond my expectations, though still a long way to go!  

The lockdown has not impacted negatively on the course for me.  Indeed though we have had to work differently I would say that I have made the most progress this third (online) term, partly because we have started to develop more personal projects.  The continuation of the classes online has for me been a lifeline in many ways.  

One of the nice things was that on our Saturday classes even though we were just getting on with our work individually at times, we kept the Zoom session open all day so we could chat to each other, discuss what we were doing etc.  

As for the future, I am planning to apply either for CLAF year 2 or the Extended Drawing Course."