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Arts Council England launch their new strategy

Story added 28th Jan 2020


The Arts Council England have published their new strategy for 2020-2030: Let’s Create.

The Strategy centres around three Outcomes, which The Arts Council will focus on delivering over the next decade:

-          Creative People: Everyone can develop and express creativity throughout their life.

-          Cultural Communities: Villages, towns and cities thrive through a collaborative approach to culture.

-          A creative and cultural country: England’s cultural sector is innovative, collaborative and international.

To achieve these the Arts Council and funded organisations will be steered by four Investment Principles:

-          Ambition & Quality: Cultural organisations are ambitious and committed to improving the quality of their work.

-          Inclusivity & Relevance: England’s diversity is fully reflected in the organisations and individuals that we support and in the culture they produce.

-          Dynamism: Cultural organisations can thrive and are better able to respond to the challenges of the next decade.

-          Environmental Responsibility: Cultural organisations lead the way in their approach to the climate emergency.

Key Points Related to Education and Skills:

-         For most young people, access to high quality creative and cultural opportunities outside of the home is too dependent on their social background and their postcode. This has to change. We will make the case for a stronger focus on teaching for creativity and critical thinking across the curriculum, both to school leaders and to the Department for Education.

-          Employers from all industries and sectors spoke of the value they placed on creative skills and critical thinking in their workforces, and over the next decade, we will work to ensure that those skills are developed more effectively in young people.

-          We are committed to ensuring that a broad and vital arts curriculum is taught in all schools. We will also encourage the Department for Education to build on its current investment in Music Education Hubs, National Youth Music and Dance organisations, In Harmony and Saturday Clubs, so that all children and young people in this country can develop their creative potential, inside and outside of school.

-          We will support local cultural organisations, including libraries, museums, Music Education Hubs and arts organisations, to develop a better understanding of the needs and interests of their communities.

-          Cooperation between cultural organisations and local partners is particularly effective when it is aimed at supporting children and young people. We will encourage cultural organisations to work in partnership with local education providers to plan, resource and deliver a joined-up cultural education programme that ensures every child in their area can access high-quality culture and realise their creative potential.

-          The cultural sector has yet to fully utilise the power of data to understand its audiences and the impact of its work. We will build partnerships with the technology sector and with further and higher education to help drive improvement in this area.

Read the full report here

Darren Healey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England: "Ten years is a long time. If a Strategy spanning such a period is to succeed, it needs to be flexible, not rigid; a guiding light, rather than an instruction manual. So what we have set out here is not an action plan, but a vision: of the richer, wider, deeper role creativity and culture can play in this country, and of the ways in which we believe we must all adapt, and all work together, to achieve it. Whatever shape they take and wherever we experience them, creative activities and cultural experiences improve our lives. They challenge perceptions, broaden horizons, form and transform communities, and enable us to flourish in previously unimagined ways. The bottom line is: they make us happy."

Phil Chamberlain, Executive Director External Engagement at City Lit: "We welcome the new strategy by the Arts Council for England – Let’s Create. We have an extensive creative industries provision here at City Lit covering visual arts; performing arts; digital and design; as well as considerable provision for people with learning disabilitiesthe Deaf community and those who need specific support disenfranchised communities. Training and expertise for London’s crucially important cultural industries – with our vocational courses –  means that City Lit is at the forefront of providing practical, career focused creative education. The creative sector is one of the key drivers of London’s economic success, with many in the sector are self-employed and we provide the skills and training practitioners need to develop their business and career.  We hope to be able to would work with the Arts Council for England in realising the bold ambitions of their strategy."


LET'S CREATE: New Strategy by Arts Council England for 2020-2030.