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Audition tips for actors with Simon Darwen

Story added 31st Jan 2018

Simon Darwen teaches acting classes at City Lit


Acting tutor Simon Darwen has this checklist of top tips for any actors preparing for an audition.

- Contrasting is king. (Show a range.)

- Keep it to 2 mins (but a minute and a half is better).

- Be engaging.

- Be committed.

- Be focused.

- Try not to move unnecessarily. Good solid rooted foundation.

- Appear friendly and relaxed.

- Be informed and up to speed on writers and plays.

- Make sure you’ve read the play!!!!!

- They want you to be good. Try and remember that.

- Have fun.

- MAKE SURE THEY REMEMBER YOU (for the right reasons…)


Watch him run through his full audition tips for actors below:


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