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Story added 29th Mar 2017

Politics and current affairs courses att City Lit

After all the heated debate, Theresa May finally triggered Article 50 today, allowing formal negotiations to begin on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

It’s an issue that essentially split people down the middle, but one undoubted consequence of the fallout from the EU referendum held last June, and the fractious arguments on both sides of the debate, has been a reigniting of interest in politics and current affairs generally amongst friends, families and work colleagues. In fact, with so much going on politically worldwide over the last year, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep up.

Over the next few months, City Lit are running several politics and current affairs courses, so if you want to unpick the terminology and differentiate your Article 50 from your Electoral College, these courses are the perfect place to start…

More current affairs (from 3 May 2017)

Do you want to find out more about the issues in the news? Gain information and analyse and debate news items on this follow on course from 'Current affairs'. Run as a tutor-moderated discussion group of current news events. New students welcome.

Understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict (from 3 May 2017)

Trace the historical roots of this conflict emphasising the peace process of the 1990s - Madrid talks, Oslo agreement, Camp David talks and the recent Middle Eastern road map, as well as the latest developments.

The US and Latin America: from the Cuban revolution to the war on drugs (from 3 May 2017)

Uncover a dramatic history of coups, interventions and revolutionary struggles. This course unravels the key themes of US-Latin American relations, brought to life through the use of film clips, photography and primary sources.

Migrations through the ages (from 8 May 2017)

Explore the history and politics of modern migrations from the 19th century of empires to the changing world in the 20th century (America's First Great Migration, impact of WWI and WWII partition of India) to contemporary migration trends and issues today.

Politics/history day: the rise of people movements (20 May 2017)

Social movements have a long history around the world, but over the past few years we have seen a significant rise. The day provides an opportunity to hear about, explore and discuss some of the key ideas of contemporary social movements, with speakers focusing on the changing landscape of 'people movements'

British foreign policy: Thatcher – Cameron (from 6 June 2017)

Examine the state of British foreign policy, looking at policy and key events in relation to Europe, America and the Middle East during the British governments from Thatcher to Cameron.

US Supreme Court (from 8 June 2017)

Over the last 250 years, the US Supreme Court has changed the destiny of the USA through decisions on civil rights, marriage, campaign finance and many other areas. Explore the Court’s structure, the memorable justices and critical decisions.


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