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City Lit students performing at the British Museum
City Lit tutor, Paul Chivers writes about the power of Music and Sound Art.
A female music producer sits in front a keyboard and computer
Thanks to the new affordable technology, music production is now accessible to everyone. In the article, City Lit tutor Max La Villa explains music production and takes us on a journey into the histor...
Close up of hands flipping through LPs in a large record shop.
Certain recordings of famous musical works are prized more than others. What if you listen to the ‘wrong’ recording – will the piece be ruined?
Trans actor Jo Smith-Sutherland
At the heart of the entertainment industry lies the power to inspire, challenge norms, and promote inclusivity. We caught up with our brilliant alumni Jo Smith-Sutherland, a talented actor based in th...
Why learn Jazz? Embracing Transformation, Musicality & Expression
Delve into the transformative power of jazz, where rhythm, melody, and innovation intersect.
What's your story
Why do we tell stories and how can we use 'story' to increase our influence? Science informs us that when facts are contained within stories, then the listener will remember the content more effective...
Antique painting
Examining the origins of a piece of music can transform the way you listen to it. Music History examines the history of the composer and unpicks the social, political, economic, and cultural trends of...
City Lit Theatre Company presents a production of Mike Bartlett's Earthquakes in London
Join us in the John Lyon's Theatre this December for the latest production by City Lit Theatre Company.
Q&A with Aiden Champion, Actor at the City Lit Theatre Company
The City Lit Theatre Company are back in the John Lyon's Theatre this July with a new production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. 
a shelf of music history books
Learn more about Music History courses at City Lit!

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