The Ottoman Empire

Founded in Anatolia in the 13th century by a Turkic dynasty, the Ottoman Empire would come to conquer and rule vast lands and an ever-growing number of peoples across Western Asia (the Middle East), Southeastern Europe and Northern Africa.

Space to Think

When the pandemic hit I felt the need to reengage with philosophy on a deeper level. I reflected on how Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Breton were helpful or not. In the end I decided that what was most helpful was the act of thinking itself.

Professional Practice Modules | City Lit Visual Arts

Raz Barfield, Head of Advanced Programmes, introduces a range of new professional practice workshops launching in the School of Visual Arts. While they’re designed to provide skills and knowledge for students on our own advanced courses, the new workshops are also open to students of creative subjects in Higher Education, or professionals in the creative industries. With a modular structure, these highly focused one-day workshops allow you to ‘fill in the gaps’ in specific areas of knowledge, or you can pick and mix to create a modular course of your own design.

Facing the fear of contemporary art

This article explores the challenges and pleasures of Contemporary Art, encouraging you to visit, study, and experience the richness and madness of 21st Century culture. Author Ian Tucknott is a teacher of contemporary art, art history and art theory, and is Head of School for the Humanities & Sciences.

Meet the team: Dee Shulman, Children’s Book Illustration

At the start of a new term we thought we’d introduce some of our team who lead on our flagship City Lit Arts courses. These are courses which deliver a more in-depth level of learning for students. First up Dee Shulman who teaches Children’s Book Illustration.

City Lit welcomes new Government announcements for a new Lifetime Skills Guarantee

In welcoming the Prime Minister’s commitment today to a new Lifetime Skills Guarantee, Mark Malcomson, CEO of City Lit and Chair of the Institutes of Adult Learning, said: “At this immensely challenging time, we’re glad to see the Prime Minister’s keenness in addressing adult skills, and ensuring that lifelong learning has a central place in the recovery strategy for this country, post Covid19.

Q&A with City Lit student Josephine Capone

We recently caught up with former City Lit performing arts student Josephine Capone...

Science and Nature in and for the 21st century

Science has been part and parcel of humanity’s global journey for several centuries. Looking to the challenges of humanity going forward, science is as important as ever. Join us in exploring our natural world and beyond.

Mindfulness, Art & Creativity by Clare Barton-Harvey

Clare Barton-Harvey is a full-time artist, tutor and freelance teacher/trainer, here she shares ways of practising mindfulness as an activity that everyone can do. To become aware of our body, how we feel, our thoughts, other people and the world around us, as well as our relationship to these things.

UK Government poised to break international law

As the UK government looks intent on breaking international law, it is down to those of us interested in politics to try and understand what’s happening. To do this, we need to confront questions around what makes up the study of politics, and how different analytical approaches can shed lights on the actions we see every day.

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