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City Lit Centenary tote bag and cup on sale at City Lit

Story added 22nd May 2019

Centenary cup and tote bag ( bag designed by Foundation Art and Design student Stuart Norfolk)


To celebrate 100 years of welcoming Londoners to City Lit, we are selling centenary tote bags and reusable cups in 2019. 100% of bag and cup sales go towards the City Lit bursary.

 The bursary help us ensure everyone has access to funds when they need it, a chance to learn and transform. Scroll down to see how your donation helps.


Tote bag - £5 - available to buy at the enrolment desks at City Lit

Featuring a design by Foundation Diploma Art and Design artist Stuart Norfolk and our centenary edition logo.

Foundation Art & Design diploma student Stuart Norfolk designed one side of the Tote bag, hear what inspired his design;

"I noticed a little while ago that the City Lit catalogue pages, when viewed from a certain angle, formed a pattern that resembled a city skyline. I photographed this and put it in my sketchbook for further potential collage work. When the competition was mentioned by our tutor it occurred to me that the image I had in the sketchbook could be the basis of a design. I was encouraged to submit the idea and with a little development of the colours and skyline produced something that met the design brief. " Stuart Norfolk 2019 Read more about Stuart Norfolk's work and 2019 Foundation Diploma Art & Design exhibition >

Reusable cup - £6 - available to buy at the enrolment desks at City Lit

Featuring the City Lit centenary edition logo. Reusable, eco-friendly cups for hot or cold drinks, BPA free, double-walled design to maintain the temperature for longer.



Further donations for the bursary are most welcome, learn more about how you can support City Lit.

Purchase exclusively at the enrolment desks at our Keeley Street site, currently in the Student Centre on the mezzanine level.

How your donation helps...

  • £20 supports two hours of learning in a business skills class 

  • £50 opens the world of literature to a formerly homeless student

  • £100 buys a travel pass so an asylum seeker can attend English classes

  • £450 means a parent can learn to communicate with their deaf child through BSL classes

  • £10 a month provides books and materials to single parents returning to work

  • £18 a month means a student recovering from addiction can attend a mindfulness class

  • £50 a month helps a low income student complete their education

  • £299 means that an asylum seeker can enrol on an ESOL course to improve their English and make them feel more confident in their new environment

  • £100 provides a travel pass to an asylum seeker so that they can attend their course at City Lit. Without this help they would to be able to travel

  • £199 would fund a mindfulness course for a student recovering from drug addiction

  • £69 would fund a course for a student studying in our Centre for Learning Disabilities

  • £450 will fund a BSL course for a parent who has a deaf child meaning that they will be able to communicate