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City Lit creative writing student and tutor co-author picture book together

Story added 13th Feb 2018

'Not Yet Zebra' by Lou Kuenzler and Julia Woolf


A City Lit creative writing student has co-authored a new book alongside one of the Creative Writing tutors at the college - although they were brought together by chance.

Julia Woolf studied at City Lit between 2011 and 2015, on two children's writing courses at City Lit.

She has now released a children’s picture book, ‘Not Yet, Zebra’ alongside City Lit creative writing tutor Lou Kuenzler.

Available now on general release, the book tells the story of Annie, who wants to paint an alphabet using her animals. However, Zebra can't wait until the end for his chance to shine, as mishaps ensue…

Speaking about the creative process, Lou said:

"It has been brilliant fun working with Julia - and it turns out we are both graduates of Elizabeth Hawkins’ course. Perhaps this is why we got on so well and spoke the same language. 

"In fact, it is the editor at Faber who put us together - but it was a perfect match and we have both thoroughly enjoyed the project. I wrote the words first, and then the editor looked for an illustrator and came up with Julia. We met several times during the production process, discussing issues like exactly how pink Zebra’s tummy should be!”

“We have now done a number of school visits and festivals and I read the story/get the kids up and acting bits out, while Julia is brilliant at live drawing.”

Julia said about her experiences illustrating the book:

“I had already got my first author/illustrator book ‘Giraffe on a Bicycle’ published at the beginning of 2016 by Macmillan. The editor and designer at Faber and Faber had seen my book and contacted my agent about me illustrating Lou’s text. 

“As soon as I read the text I knew why they had asked me as my book features many animals as does Lou’s story.”


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