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City Lit response to the Government’s UK Digital Strategy

Story added 1st Mar 2017


Today, the Culture Secretary launched the Government’s UK Digital Strategy set to create a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.

The strategy is designed to deliver on skills, infrastructure and innovation at the heart of a new strategy to support Britain’s world-leading digital economy.

It includes plans for a new Digital Skills Partnership and bold new pledges for millions of free digital training opportunities.

The new Digital Skills Partnership will see Government, business charities and voluntary organisations coming together to make sure people have the right skills for the jobs in their area and aware of all the digital training opportunities on offer. This Government-led initiative will help both businesses and individual making sure no one is left behind.

It is part of the Government’s ambitions to ensure everyone has the skills they need to flourish in a digitally-driven economy, something that we at City Lit fully support. We offer a number of courses to develop and improve digital skills including courses for business & marketing, web design & development and computing skills.

The strategy follows the recent modern Industrial Strategy, and will help Britain to build on its strengths to secure a future as a competitive, global nation.

Phil Chamberlain, Executive Director External Relations at City Lit, concludes: 'We are pleased to see that the Government recognises that infrastructure in the UK needs continued modernisation to be competitive, as mobile internet and high-speed broadband is still inaccessible for many people and areas in the UK.
While there is a focus in the strategy on helping adults to upskill on the basics of digital technology, it would be great to see them go further with this and support adult education, not just the basic levels, but support adults looking to re-skill to support the UKs digital economy. '