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City Lit stories - Lucy, Dave and Gene Wilson

27 July 2018
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A City Lit romance

 There's more to fall in love with at City Lit than just a new skill or career. Just ask Lucy and Dave Wilson…

"Lots of people probably join the day of taster courses and workshops, and come away with a few ideas, maybe a new skill or two. For us, we came away with a whole new and wonderful life."

"It's a classic boy meets girl love story. We were two young people who arrived ready to learn a few new camera tricks on a cold winter morning. We both love learning so the taster day really gave us a chance to sample a few new things and give them a whirl to see if they suited us. We picked a photography taster workshop, the class was interactive and students were given the chance to try out equipment and work in groups. We got chatting during the class and agreed to meet up for a drink the following week. As with all good love stories there were sparks which very soon burst into a whirlwind romance."

"We married in March at the Mayfair Library and headed off on our honeymoon to Paris. But we also had a little souvenir in tow. Just before our wedding we found out that we were having a baby and I am very pleased to say that Gene Gabriel Wilson was born in mid-November and is doing wonderfully well. We have rather taken to the idea of marking our anniversary each year by trying out a new hobby."

Obviously we can't guarantee falling in love and starting a dream family just from attending one of our courses or events, but you never know...

Lucy puts it best herself: "We are firm believers in trying new things — you never know what might happen."

Lucy and Dave Wilson, Photography taster course, 2017