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Story added 16th May 2019


Mary Hurworth


Mary Hurworth had a joie de vivre that shined through in her art, and in her love for City Lit.  An art student here for more than 25 years, her interests ranged from watercolour and pottery to portraiture and Photoshop.  Her tutors admired her boldness in art making and her kindness. Her family says that “City Lit brought the best out of her and she was proud of her achievements”. 

Through a gift in her will, Mary made sure that others would have the same opportunity to follow new pathways in art.  Now, every student who uses the fourth floor Digital and Design Lab which have been renovated with the help of Mary’s gift, will be able to share in her delight in art and the support of the City Lit community.


Digital Design Lab 2019

Digital and Design Lab 2019, photo: Phil Hardman