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City Lit welcomes new Government announcements for a new Lifetime Skills Guarantee

Story added 29th Sep 2020

In welcoming the Prime Minister’s commitment today to a new Lifetime Skills Guarantee, Mark Malcomson, CEO of City Lit and Chair of the Institutes of Adult Learning, said: “At this immensely challenging time, we’re glad to see the Prime Minister’s keenness in addressing adult skills, and ensuring that lifelong learning has a central place in the recovery strategy for this country, post Covid19.  

We are all living and working longer, and the need for retraining and upskilling throughout our lives is essential – now more so than ever.   It is important that today’s announcement helps establish a lifelong learning culture – and that support for those who need education most is there, so that any barriers can be easily overcome.

Whilst today’s announcement rightly focusses on the key role lifelong learning will have on our economic recovery, focussing on vocational and links to employment, we would urge the Government not to lose sight of the important role education also plays in supporting those who require broader skill development - confidence, communications, critical thinking - all of which are hugely important in enhancing people’s ability to get a job and progress once in one.   In addition, those individuals who have high levels of anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health challenges need the support that adult education provides, especially due to the challenges society faces as a result of the pandemic.  Finally, with the clear emphasis on digital technology skills, there needs to be significant new investment in digital skills, access and infrastructure to avoid widening the digital divide that already exists.

The Institutes of Adult Learning offer a safe and stimulating environments to learn, both online and in-person, and stand ready to ensure the Government’s aspirations can be best achieved.” 

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