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Story added 30th Mar 2015


You never know what you might learn at a 'Curious course'. It's an opportunity to try something new, discover a talent you didn't know you had, or just to have fun and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine. The course is only revealed on the day.


Curious courses coming up:

16 April 2015 - Curious courses for the Festival of Learning

Afternoon events

Curious course group 1: Lots of fun for the fearless - book now

Curious course group 2: Something unusual to piece together - book now

Evening event

Curious course: Pluck up the courage to play something new - book now


Prior booking essential.


Festival of Learning #lovetolearn

The Festival of Learning

City Lit is part of the nationwide Festival of Learning, with people taking part in events across England and Wales, mainly in May and June. 

The Festival is led by the National Institute of Continued Adult Education (NIACE) in partnership with City Lit and other organisations involved in adult learning opportunities. The theme for the Festival is #lovetolearn.