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Story added 27th Mar 2017

City Lit dance classes

The clocks going forward is always an exciting landmark in the year – that first noticeable signal that winter is finally behind us for another year and lighter mornings and evenings are on the way. With London bathed in spring sunshine, it’s also a time of year when many of us start to consider a new fitness regime to make the most of the longer days.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape for your summer holidays, or simply want to explore a new hobby this spring, City Lit have a number of dance classes to keep you active in London this spring and summer. Here are our April 2017 highlights…

Afro contemporary dance

A dynamic and vibrant class that combines West African dance and music with some Contemporary dance influences. The movements, energy and music will leave you energized and rejuvenated.

Bollywood: beginners

A vibrant, elegant and high energy combination of fitness, technique and choreography provides you with a solid foundation and knowledge of Bollywood dance. No previous experience necessary.

Flamenco: beginners

Learn fundamental Flamenco dance moves, steps and rhythms in an energising and supportive atmosphere. Experience the rich complexity of this Andalucian Gypsy art form, and develop presence, fitness and coordination.


A fun, therapeutic and energetic dance requiring no partner. Learn steps through choreographies and dance exercises. Increase your sense of rhythm while getting an aerobic, calorie burning workout.

Street jazz: beginners

Energetic and funky, this fun dance class is guaranteed to get your energy pumping! Street Jazz is a global craze and regularly features in popular TV talent shows such as Britain's Got Talent, music videos, award shows and concerts. This is a great way to learn to dance, develop rhythm and coordination.

Tango Argentino

This course is about learning Tango Argentino's fundamentals to enable you to enter a salon for social dancing. Each term will both introduce and revisit the essential technique of walking in partnership, functional alignment in motion, different musical rhythms and the salon etiquette in a general level class. Good general fitness and coordination is required.

Tap dance: beginners

You will learn, practise and be able to perform all the basic steps of American tap dance. You will gain a basic understanding of rhythm and syncopation. You will also learn a fun routine which will feature the steps and moves you have learned.

Still looking for your ideal dance style? Visit our full list of April dance classes for some inspiration…