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Farrah Idris – Massage Tutor and Lead Therapist at St Joseph’s Hospice

27 July 2018

What’s your City Lit story?

In 2010, I found myself on a cusp of personal change. I was working for a Local Authority as a Domestic Violence Advocate and my father had died not so long before that. The council was offering voluntary redundancy to staff and I went for it. I had always wanted to re train as a massage therapist as I had always had an interest in complementary therapies. I took redundancy and embarked on for first massage course! I originally trained in Thai Yoga massage and completed my Anatomy and Physiology course at City Lit. That first course ignited passion for adult lifelong learning and over the years I continued to complete further professional and non-vocational training at City Lit. To list a few: Diploma in Complementary Therapies, Technical Voice, Podcasting, PTLLS, Art Therapy and many more! It really has been a transformative journey for me, both professionally and personally. And now I teach here too! I feel I have come full circle. 

How long have you been coming to City Lit?

I have been a student here since 2010, and tutor from 2016

What have you enjoyed the most?

There have been so many enjoyable experiences. I have had excellent tutors who have made learning creative, accessible and inspiring. The diversity of students and colleagues and the college atmosphere is always fizzing with activity and enjoyment.

What has most inspired you?

When I was a student my tutor Tahlecion Jaay was just brilliant. She was very creative and embedded great life skills into her teaching. As a tutor the students on the course are a constant source of inspiration and energy. I enjoy teaching so much that knowing the college’s history and diversity always inspires me. 

What do you like most about your time here?

That there is always something of interest to see, learn or create at the college. I always feel inspired to try something new. 

As a tutor I feel privileged sitting with a group of learners all embarking on a new journey for very different reasons. To be a facilitator in that is why I love teaching – especially here at City Lit. It really is the place that can inspire and ignite anyone to live and create their best life.

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