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Fine Art - End of Year Show - 17-22 July 2018

Story added 24th May 2018

Sarah Lang, City Lit Fine Art 2018


This exhibition presents an insight into the culmination of two years of personal exploration by City Lit Fine Art students.

These drawn, painted and multi-media artworks respond to themes from the aesthetics of urban and rural environments to personal histories and sensory experiences. Visitors are given the opportunity to experience the feeling of ‘what if’ as the work offers diverse potentialities through multiple methods of presentation and engagement.

Tuesday 17- Sunday 22 July 2018 (Tue-Sat 12:00-19:00 Sun 12:00-17:00
Private View: Thursday 19 July 18:00-21:00
Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG


Sarah Lang, City Lit Fine Art 2018

'One of the best things about this course has been the amazing group of people on it. All of us work in different ways and are inspired by different things but it has been an incredibly supportive and nurturing atmosphere where we have encouraged each other to try new things, make mistakes and widen our experience. We have really gelled as a group and I feel that moving forward I will have a group of peers that I can work with to critique and develop my work as well as collaborate with to show work.

I’ve enjoyed the variety of tutors that we have had over the last two years. In particular I have enjoyed exploring the more formal aspects of painting and drawing with Chris Hough and Tony Hull. Learning about film and digital art as well as exploring ideas of feminist art and studio practice with Monica has also been a highlight. Chris Hough has also worked a lot with us on how to prepare for a show which has given us an insight on curation and how to mount and display our work as well as how to use websites, press releases and catalogues to promote it.'

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Artist statements

Cass Breen
Stone and rock are both monumental and mutable. My work is informed by this paradox.  Charcoal, ink and rust-stained paper are starting points. They are sewn into 3D ‘characters’ which are animated or photographed to explore their scale-defying property. They are not human but stand for the dislocation of people. Franz Kline’s paintings are a focus. They are exhilarating but precarious. I also like the idea of Bomberg’s ‘spirit in the mass’; the natural world constantly shifts just as human beings do; solidity dissolves and becomes something else. 

Shantal Daw
My experience of interacting with urban woodlands greatly impacts my creative expression. Walking in an unexpected landscape in the form of an enclosed urban wood has a meditative effect, providing me with space to detach from the daily stresses of work and city life.

I try to convey this sense of meditation in my work by employing a contemporary approach to interpreting the landscape. I take photographs, frottage trees, collect fallen leaves, bark and other foliage from the ground and using my senses form an emotional connection with the landscape.

I create mixed media work using a variety of media, techniques and textures. The connection I build with the landscape over time or from a single moment, informs the production of my work which is often spontaneous. At the moment l am experimenting with monoprints, collage, ink and pen drawings and sand. I am inspired by the skills, techniques and aesthetics of many contemporary artists from Chinese ink drawings to monochrome paintings.

Sue Godfrey Clarke
My initial ideas came from photographs of film and stage sets where the maker manipulates what we see and therefore believe. I made small models of film sets using photographs I took of streets near the City Lit at dusk, a liminal or boundary time when the presence of both natural and artificial light sources illuminating the ‘scene’ also prompts us to question what is real in what we see. I then made collages of the photographs of the set models and used these images as the basis for oil paintings.

Rosalind Hunsel
A mix between graphic symbolism and sculpture influenced by Maroon Arts of  Suriname and artists like Marcel Pinas, Vanessa Jackson and Barbara Hepworth. I am searching for a balance between cultures by experimenting with different  medium and disciplines and hope to one day have an exhibition telling my story  of the dissolving and resolving diaspora.

Danielle Jacques
My fascination with the material qualities of fluids has evolved into a body of work which invites the viewer to escape their sense of self and enter into ethereal worlds.Photographs which have been obsessively collated are transformed through multiple processes such as collage, painting, projection, print and film. Each stage of the process is performed with a meditative curiosity and an indulgent escapsim. Through the combination of film, sound technology and other media I look to create multisensory, immersive and hypnotic experiences which will ultimately be scaled up into an installation piece.