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How much sign language do you know?

Story added 29th Mar 2019

Test your skills: how much sign language do you know?


Did you know that 24,000 people use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language, but our research revealed that a whopping 94% of Brits don’t know more than two words in BSL?


Here in the UK, it’s estimated that over 11 million people suffer from hearing loss - that’s a huge part of the population who may find it difficult to communicate through traditional speaking and listening. 

Overall, 61% of Brits agree that they feel people suffering from hearing loss or deafness can be marginalised in society because many hearing people can’t properly communicate with them. 

So what do you think - is your BSL up to scratch? Can you beat 94% of the nation? Take our quiz to find out! 


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If you scored higher than 2, don’t worry, you’re doing better than most of us. But if you don’t feel you’d be able to hold a conversation with someone using BSL, that’s 11 million Brits you wouldn’t be able to get to know. 

Our research revealed that over half of us (60%) are ready to learn British Sign Language - a huge 59% of Brits even think BSL should be part of the national curriculum.

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