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Inspired by Love Island contestants and want to be an influencer? Here’s how.

Story added 13th Jan 2020


The hit ITV2 dating show, Love Island, returned to our screens this week [Sunday 12th January]. A show most famous for catchy one-liners, breakups, bikinis and for being a huge platform for its contestants who can make millions through social media on exiting the villa.

We recently conducted a study and found more than a third (38%) of Brits admit they want to pursue a career in online influencing, with one in 10 (10%) stating that becoming an influencer is “very important” to them.

When it comes to the perks of becoming an influencer, more than a third (39%) of Brits state that working flexible hours is important to them, with an additional three in 10 (29%) Brits saying they would like the option of working from home.

Despite 38% of Brits stating that they would like to become an influencer, only 6% claim that they are experts in what it takes to become a successful online influencer, and just 17% describe themselves as highly knowledgeable. This is perhaps why so many tune into Love Island each year to soak up as much knowledge as possible about what it takes to become a successful influencer.

Voula Papadopoulos, Head of Business and Technology Programme at City Lit, shared her top five tips to become a successful influencer:

1)    Find a niche topic

Something you have lots of expertise in. Make sure it’s something unique, new and interesting that will attract people’s attention.

2)   Promotion is key

Think about how you want to promote your ideas. Which social media platforms do you want to use? If you are good with videos, start with YouTube. Instagram and Pinterest are visual and Facebook can accommodate different media. Or perhaps a podcast is where your skills and passion lie.

3)    Develop your social media content strategy

Content is key to any successful campaign, and it needs to be interesting, informative, engaging and consistent. Make sure you always spend time preparing content before it goes live.

4)    Expand your network

Use social media to expand your network. It’s a great way to share ideas in forums and connect with other people and brands in the same industry and exchange likes and posts. It’s very important that you build an online community that will be following you.

5)    Use insight

Use the right data analytics tools to analyse performance data coming from social media platforms. This will help you improve your strategy and gain a better insight of your audience.


We also offer a range of courses that can equip students with key knowledge and skills to help them become successful online influencers and pursue their dream career and lifestyle. Courses include:Social Media Apps, Tips and TricksVideo Blogging with YouTube,, Social Media Advertising and City Lit Pro: Start a career in digital marketing.