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Meet the Head of School: Claudio Guasti

Story added 21st Aug 2020


Meet our Head of School for Languages and Cultures, Claudio Guasti.

We recently had a chat with Claudio to find out what he loves most about his role at City Lit and what students should expect from studying a language.


Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your role here at City Lit? 

"My current role at City Lit is Head of School for Languages and Cultures which involves managing the courses offered in our languages department and also our ancient languages and cultures department.

I have worked at City Lit for over seven years now and I have loved every moment of it. I have met some lovely people, many of whom have become good friends. Our staff are very passionate about ensuring a positive learning experience for all of our students."


What do you consider to be your favourite part of your job? 

"The excitement of creating new ideas and formats for classes and also working to improve the portfolio of courses that we have already developed.

I also love being surrounded by so many people from different backgrounds and cultures every day. Hearing conversations in a different language, whether that is when interviewing tutors or chatting to students. This is very satisfying to me."


What should students expect from studying at City Lit? 

"Students should expect a welcoming and safe environment where they can explore and enjoy their new subject of choice.  They should expect professional, passionate and friendly tutors who love teaching their own language or an ancient language and want to see their students succeed. Our courses are more than just learning about grammar and pronunciation; they will delve into the different ways of life of the country and culture."


If you were to do any course at City Lit, what course would you do? 

"I would probably do Korean as I am fascinated by the culture and I do love Korean films. It’s also an interesting language to learn as it is so structurally different from English so it’s almost like completing a puzzle albeit one with thousands and thousands of pieces.

I would also like to do something from visual arts like film making or photography, or perhaps one of the many fabulous lectures on history or philosophy. This is a very difficult question as I would probably enjoy most of them."


Is there any advice you would give to someone who is thinking about studying at City Lit? 

"Go for it! There is nothing more precious than the memories we create while learning. You can also have fun along the way and make new friends. It could change your life."


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