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Music department book club 2016/17

Story added 26th Jul 2016

Music department book club 2016/17

The rumours are true: the music department are hosting a book club this year. Meeting at the end of each term we will read novels on musical themes


Essential details:

Meetings are open to all current students at City lit (not only music students)

  • The club meets once-per-term, hosted by Edward Breen
  • Places are limited to 30 so please contact the music department to book a place
  • Books are chosen by the music department and are posted on this blog
  • Please read the book in advance and come prepared to chat about it
  • Meetings are 1.5 hours long then we retire to the café together for more conversation (optional)


Term 1:

Sarrasine: Honoré de Balzac

This is a short book to start with. It’s hugely enjoyable and will open up all sorts of discussion from opera to Tintin.

free internet download from Project Guthenberg [external website]

Meeting: Monday Dec 5th G01 1pm-2.30pm

Term 2:

Orfeo: Richard Powers

Author’s website link to Orfeo [external site]

Guardian book review of Orfeo [external site]

Meeting: Tuesday April 4th G01 1pm-2.30pm

Term 3:

Time Will Tell: Don Grieg

Amazon link to Time Will Tell [external website]

Time Will Tell on BBC radio3 Early Music Show [external website]

Meeting: Wednesday July 12th G01 11.30pm-1pm


Email: to join us