Q&A with City Lit student Josephine Capone

We recently caught up with former City Lit performing arts student Josephine Capone...

Science and Nature in and for the 21st century

Science has been part and parcel of humanity’s global journey for several centuries. Looking to the challenges of humanity going forward, science is as important as ever. Join us in exploring our natural world and beyond.

Mindfulness, Art & Creativity by Clare Barton-Harvey

Clare Barton-Harvey is a full-time artist, tutor and freelance teacher/trainer, here she shares ways of practising mindfulness as an activity that everyone can do. To become aware of our body, how we feel, our thoughts, other people and the world around us, as well as our relationship to these things.

UK Government poised to break international law

As the UK government looks intent on breaking international law, it is down to those of us interested in politics to try and understand what’s happening. To do this, we need to confront questions around what makes up the study of politics, and how different analytical approaches can shed lights on the actions we see every day.

Tips on hosting accessible online meetings with deaf and hard of hearing people

Tips for including deaf and hard of hearing people in an online meeting from our lipreading department at City Lit.

Top 10 best languages to learn in 2020

Being able to speak another language is an invaluable skill. What language should you choose to study? Read about our top 10 recommended languages to learn in 2020.

'Legends Calling' a new installation by Louisa Smurthwaite

 ‘Legends Calling’, one of 14 installations that make up Wembley Park’s new Art Trail is created by renowned artist, lighting designer and Foundation Art & Design student Louisa Smurthwaite.

City Lit and WDP partner for a third time to provide learning opportunities to those in recovery

We're delighted to announce that we have renewed our partnership with leading drug and alcohol charity WDP, for a third successive year

America: the most warlike nation in the history of the world?

America has been embroiled in military conflicts for almost its entire history. What lessons can we take from America’s Wars? How do they reflect the changing role and status of America in the world, and in itself?

How to get published - a comprehensive guide

City Lit tutor, published author and poet, Helen Cox, on how to write a book and get it published

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