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Pathways sculpture show

Story added 19th Jun 2015

Pathways is an exhibition of six artists work from the City Lit Sculpture Course.

Pathways is an exhibition of six artists work from the City Lit Sculpture Course.

Suzanne Bridgewater, Ola Calka, Heidi Ferid, Angela Hodkinson, Peter James, Jennifer Winkler

The exhibition ranges from carving in marble, modelling in clay, wax and plaster to less conventional and experimental modes and methods.

Constructions in bronze with steel wire, paint and plastic, assemblages in cardboard wax and paint, innovative casting and construction in cement, light reflecting sculptures made from cellophane.

During their course students have explored and tested themselves against each other and existing forms in order to define their individual responses. 

This exhibition shows their commitment to the production of a meaningful sculpture practice and is a representation of their chosen pathway through the complex of contemporary art.


St. Pancras Church Crypt

30 June - 4 July 2-7pm

Saturday 4 12-7.30pm

Private View

2 July 6-9


Image: Keith Bowler, 2015

How to get there

St Pancras Church
Euston Road