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Story added 14th Nov 2017

Film stills from: 'Crossed in the post' (class project) & 'So What Now' by James Al-Mudalla

'So What Now' by James Al-Mudalla

Dominic encounters two old school friends, but they know more about him than he realises...


'Remembrance' Day by John Horler

Remembrance and memories of 'The Great War' from childhood to the present day with reflections on love, loss, bravery and brutality...


'Greater Good' by Robin Cole-Hamilton

When a person turns killer to save the lives of many...


'Stereotypes' by Sharon Howell

Are things always as they appear?...


'The Game' by Anca Vaida

'Two star-crossed lovers meet in an unusual place.’

'Crossed in the Post', Filmmaking for TV & the Big Screen (class project)

Two office workers at cross purposes seemingly destined not to engage...

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