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'Present Imperfect' - Contemporary practice: personal project

Story added 29th May 2018

Present Imperfect - show poster


Present ImperfectContemporary practice: personal project

Wednesday 6 June 19:00-21:00 (Private View)
Thurs 7th June 12:00-21:00.
Venue: 73-75 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3BQ


Present Imperfect

Present Imperfect is the outcome of a year’s experimentation on the 'Contemporary practice: personal project', a year long course supporting developing artists in pursuing a personal creative project, drawing on critical and conceptual thinking, experimental creative practice, and the mounting of an exhibition in a contemporary context.  The show features 13 artists, and includes works ranging across the contemporary creative spectrum – from animation and performance, sculptural installation and film-making, site-specific practice and interventions.  The exhibitors and City Lit would like to thank Westminster Real Estate for the sponsorship of the exhibition and support for the community and the arts.


Pre-registration for the event is recommended.

Safety notice: Due to the nature of the venue, we ask viewers to register online prior to visiting, to be careful of steps and uneven flooring, and not to enter any of the cordoned off spaces. Visitors should be aware that some content may not be suitable for children.

For further information and student work and statements please visit 




Colette West, Gillian Daniell, Alistair Ayres, Susan Forster, Colin, Siobhan Beaton, Sally King, Kerry Kent, Alex Hall, Philippa King, Kathryn Davies, Richard Paton, Fatina Liza.


The time of contemporary creative practice is one of flux and flow. Whereas the artist’s studio one stood as the site of production, out of which emerged the complete and timeless work of art, the site of production has now invaded the exhibition itself, and creation and presentation are conflated. Potential and emergence imbue art with a power and a problem – eternally present, and by its nature and by design, imperfect – the art presented here traverses a broad range of temporalities, complicating distinctions between past and present, memory and the future, fixity and becoming, truth and reality.

The site of exhibition acts as the ideal context for such work – a formerly functional building, on the edge of dereliction and regeneration – held on the cusp of what was and what will be. Into this site the artists have brought together and will present the outcome of a year of creative research, experimentation, and risk – using the space as both a space of presentation, as well as a staging area, and – in some cases – an annex to the studio. Over the duration of the exhibition the space will be filled with experimental sculpture, video, photography, film, installation, sound, painting and drawing and performance. Whilst each artist explores an individual personal creative trajectory, the exhibitors each share an understanding of the imperfectness of the present, and the making present of the imperfect. Themes and the aesthetics of uncertainty, speculation, absence, ambiguity, silence, nostalgia, the temporary, and the liminal flow across and between the works, providing a reflection on the world and ourselves in the present – caught perpetually between the past and the future.