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Prominent personalities: Could this personality test reveal your TRUE passion?

2 August 2019
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65% of Brits spend their leisure time enjoying hobbies, but do you know which hobby YOU should take up?

38% of the UK say learning a new skill is one of the most joyful things in life 

Now, an adult learning college has created a unique quiz to help Brits decide what hobby to take up based on their personality.


Many Brits are keen to learn and practice skills outside of work, with more than two thirds (65%) spending their leisure time on hobbies. According to YouGov data*, the most popular British hobbies are reading (55%), cooking (38%), gardening (31%), exercising (30%) and playing computer games (28%). 

But, while it's clear the majority of Brits love dedicating their time to their hobbies - what about those people who aren’t sure which hobby or skill to take up? 

We have created a new interactive quiz to encourage Brits to try something new. Dubbed the Random Course Generator, the handy tool suggests suitable courses based on the ‘Big Five’ OCEAN personality traits:

  • Openness: Being excited by new discoveries, experiences and adventures
  • Conscientiousness: Enjoying routine, being prepared, exact and organised
  • Extraversion: Being outgoing, sociable, confident and bold
  • Agreeableness: Being empathetic, caring and understanding of others
  • Neuroticism: Often feeling stressed, irritated and anxious

We have assessed these traits, which affect how we see and interact with the world, and hand-picked suitable courses.

Whether it’s ‘Developing a Successful Business Plan’ or ‘World Music: Ghanaian Highlife’, we have a wide array of courses - some that many of us would have never considered - that will spark excitement and enrichment through learning new and interesting skills. 

What’s your most prominent personality trait - and what learning experience suits you best? Find out here:

*All data according to YouGov statistics, July 2019.