City Lit Theatre Company presents Animal Farm

Q&A with City Lit drama student Mary Browne

24 November 2021
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We interviewed Mary Browne, she joined the Stage Management and Technical Theatre Production course at City Lit, to find out more about her experiences at City Lit and her involvement in the upcoming drama production: Animal Farm. 

Q: Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

A: I am a full time Curriculum Leader at City and Islington College, based in Finsbury Park and an English Lecturer. I have worked at the college since 1997. I have been involved in performing as a singer and musician for a number of years, mainly in Leicester, where I lived and studied as a Youth and Community Worker. I have performed as a solo singer and in a variety of bands, recorded and toured. I have also performed in Southgate Opera, as a chorus member.  

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Q: What role does acting play in your life, and why is it important to you?

A: Acting, performing, singing are all important to me.  They allow me to be creative in ways I don’t experience in my busy work life.  Stepping on to a stage, creating characters, mood and atmosphere are all wonderful opportunities to engage an audience: laughter, tears, anger, joy – real fun!



Q: Why did you choose City Lit and how has your time been on the course so far?

A: I have completed quite a few courses at City Lit from Keyboard Skills, BSL Level 1, Drama Summer Courses, and Access to HE (Drama) and a few City Lit Rep Theatre Company courses. The teachers are very experienced and I have always enjoyed adult education and lifelong learning. It is great having the opportunity to train whilst on a course and work towards a professional production.

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Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about the upcoming production and your role?

A: I decided to try the Stage Management and Technical Theatre course offered by City Lit’s Drama department. I have been involved in producing events, gigs, operas for a few years and wanted to develop skills in lighting design and programming. I am really enjoying the work and camaraderie in both the tech side and cast. I play a storyteller in the play and enjoy the performing and development of character.  

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Q: Would you recommend City Lit to others?

A: Absolutely, great place to learn, make friends and have great experiences. 


Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I am planning to audition for the next production, “Road” by Jim Cartwright and directed by Gary Grant.  I have worked with Gary on a couple of productions in the past and have enjoyed the experiences.  I’d like to keep performing and developing skills in character work, line learning, engaging the audience and responding to scene partners.  It is a fab way to reflect often on who you are when developing a character within a play. Continue to work on improvising and will somehow find time to work on my play!


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with us ?

A: Support City Lit productions by coming to see the latest show, “Animal Farm” which starts on Thursday the 2nd December.  


City Lit Theatre Company presents Animal Farm 

Mary Browne - Drama student at City Lit Mary Browne - Drama student at City Lit
Mary Browne - Drama student at City Lit

City Lit Theatre Company are back with a new production: Animal Farm. 

2-4 December 2021