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Q&A with Drama student Jacqueline Quinn

Story added 23rd Nov 2020

Jacqueline Quinn


Ahead of the City Lit Theatre Company's online adaptation of Cristian Solimeno's highly acclaimed film 'I Made This For You' this December, we caught up with Jacqueline Quinn who plays the role of Megan.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jacqueline Quinn, and I have enjoyed all of my drama training at City Lit since 2016.
I am a happy grandmother, self employed personal trainer and I study Drama.

What courses have you studied at City Lit?

After attending the “Acting for Fun”, course in 2016. I was inspired to continue to complete the “Foundation”, and “Access Diploma” courses too. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the City Lit Theatre Company and short acting courses ever since. The City Lit Drama department provides consistently experienced tutors with excellent teaching for ideal student growth.

The Access Diploma course allowed me to further my drama knowledge and skills in a multi dimensional way, whilst also increasing my overall confidence, (which has surprisingly improved all areas of my life). The teaching is ideal for adult learning and is suitable to all individual student needs. The experience of the tutors is pitched perfectly to all levels of students in an inspiring, passionate and supportive way.

Tell us about the forthcoming production ‘I Made This For You’ based on the film by Cristian Solimeno, Directed by Gary Grant? 

Currently, I am involved in the City Lit Theatre company’s production, “I made this for you”. This involves online rehearsals and performances. It is a relatively new concept to grasp owing to the restrictions of this pandemic. The immense experience of the Director and Crew make this unusual form of learning fun and supportive. I would not say that I am I.T literate in the slightest, but I have experienced a seamless access to rehearsals and any potential technical issues have been ironed out very quickly. During the whole course, open and clear communication is key for this success and Citylit has ensured this throughout.

The only challenge is that the interactions between students/actors can limit the form of natural rapport and communication of an ensemble, purely due to the fact it is online rather than face to face. The crucial teamwork/ bonding exercises are impossible because we can’t be together in the same room, ie. catching a ball or playing “Zap, Zap, Boing”.

In “I made this for you”, I play Meghan, the central character’s cousin. I love this character because she reflects how much of a loving family she has outside her core family unit. Interestingly, Meghan portrays a side of the central character’s personality that is quite endearing.

Jacqueline Quinn, November 2020

'I Made This For You'

Friday 4 December 2020. 19:30-22:00, Online
Saturday 5 December 2020, 14:00-16:30, Online

Tickets £5 (optional donations to the City Lit Theatre Company Bursary)

Directed by Gary Grant, who starred in the original film and especially adapted for City Lit,  this searingly honest play tackles mental health and depression head on. The taboo of mental health, depression and suicide is handled with sensitivity and tact, and also features moments of affectionate humour to provide an underlying theme of hope and resilience.

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Zoom rehearsal with the 'I Made This For You' cast and crew: