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Q&A with Misa Gott - Printmaking 2018

Story added 4th Jun 2018

Misa Gott

With two City Lit Printmaking shows  opening later this month we took some time to catch up with exhibiting student Misa Gott to find out more about her work, experience of the course and plans for the future.


What inspired you to sign up to the Printmaking course at City Lit?

I was working in the city when I started taking a few art courses at City Lit. I always enjoyed doing something creative so I wanted to find out if I would love enough to change my career.  I completed a year long textile course then I went on to do the art foundation course at City Lit in 2011.  During the foundation course, I became very much drawn to printmaking process because it gave me more satisfying marks that I wanted for my work than any other medium.  After the foundation course I went to do MA in Printmaking at Camberwell.  I had my son right after I finished my MA and got too busy looking after him!  He is now three and I needed something structured to get me going on building my art practice again. So I decided to take this course. Also it was such a jump from foundation course to MA that I felt I still needed more support as sell as building more networks. 

Ahead of the forthcoming exhibition, can you tell us a little more about your final project and the influences behind it?

My work is based on everyday, ordinary encounters with nature such as the sound of rustling leaves and the humid smell of rain. I find more connections with nature through these encounters than grand, sublime sceneries. I explore the relationship with nature using amorphous and organic forms in contrast to geometric shapes and marks. I am fascinated by the coexistence of regularities and randomness in nature. I largely work in monotype prints. I love using colours and recently I started printing sheets of paper with colours then use them to make collages.  I print more images over the collages. They are produced organically following my instinct and aesthetic. Printmaking is not just a process to produce a final image but a way to “cultivate” my work as I run it through a printing press. The latest work was made when the season was changing from winter to spring.  This series titled “Risshun - first day of spring” was inspired by the excitement of spring colours emerging as day gets longer and brighter.  I am hoping to display several prints from this series in our show. .  

How has the course transformed your approach to your work? Has it helped you with mapping out your future goals in any way?

I became more confident with talking about my work. Throughout the course there were many opportunities to consider what I am trying to express with my work and where I want my practice to go.  As I pushed myself more for the answers, I became to understand why I choose printmaking to make my work: the process fits with my purpose.  Although I cannot say I have a clear goal yet, I feel more confident with navigating myself in the art field. 

What’s the best thing about studying at City Lit?

There are people from various backgrounds. All the tutors seemed genuinely enthusiastic and helpful. It always has positive energy from both tutors and students that it is never too late to pursue your passion for learning. 

Finally, have you got any exciting plans going forward?

I am participating in a printmaking exhibition at West Yorkshire Print Studio in July and I am going to two weeks residency in Sicily also in July!  I am looking forward to this two solid weeks of just making work, although slightly worried about being apart from my son (and my husband and a dog) for that long first time. 

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Monday 11 – Friday 15 June 2018
Private View - Wednesday 13 June 17:00-20:00
RK BURT GALLERY, 57 Union Road, London, SE1 1SG


Misa Gott - Printmaking 2018