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Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Story added 17th Feb 2017

Whether it’s presenting colleagues with cake, allowing a total stranger to jump the queue without complaint, or simply taking the time to telephone a friend in need out the blue, today (February 17th) is Random Acts of Kindness Day – the chance to add a warm glow to another human being’s daily routine and lighten up a dreary Friday in February...

Here are just a few examples of touching random acts of kindness from down the years…

  •  In Naples, caffè sospeso is a tradition that has generated interest from around the world. It’s the simple act of buying an extra coffee which can be handed out to someone less fortunate later that day. Perhaps better known as the ‘suspended coffee’ movement globally, it’s become increasingly popular in the UK, with many leading coffee chains introducing their own unique spin on the trend.

  • In 1984, a New York police officer opted to split a winning lottery ticket with a pizzeria waitress at his local restaurant, an act which saw her net over $3m.  A film loosely based on the story, It Could Happen to You, was released in 1994.

  • An unidentified man from Birmingham caused headlines last year after he was spotted regularly delivering food to the homeless at night dressed up as Spiderman. Still anonymous to this day, his exploits can be regularly followed on Facebook.

So before the day's out, take a moment to consider a random act of kindness, however small the gesture.


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