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Rediscover past passions at City Lit in 2018

Story added 20th Nov 2017

Ballet, chess, painting and piano - just a few of the things you can try at City Lit this winter


We've all had that tinge of regret at a passion or pastime from earlier in life that we've put to one side.

A new year is the perfect time to re-ignite your interest in that skill or subject you always had a fondness for, but may have long left behind.

Realise your long lost goals with City Lit in 2018. 

From chess to classical ballet, painting to poetry, maths to music and much more, explore our courses starting in early 2018.

What will you choose?

Discover your untapped creative potential - art and craft courses

Did you have a passion for arts and crafts and school, but for one reason or another, put it to one side?

If you're keen to find the space in your week to revive your interest in different artistic forms, we’ve got a great selection of art courses and craft courses to help you make that step.

Experience: painting, 11 Jan

Jewellery making: all levels, start 15 Jan

Improving your photography, starts 18 Jan

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Enjoy unleashing your dramatic side - drama courses

Fond memories of performing in a school play or amateur theatre group?

If you've always secretly enjoyed the buzz of live performance and are perhaps frustrated that you never took your interest in acting or performing a little more seriously, we’ve got a great range of drama courses to help reignite your passion for performance. It’s never too late to find your acting niche…

Acting for fun - starts Wed 10 Jan

Movement for actors - starts Tues 9 Jan

Shakespeare workshop - starts Wed 10 Jan

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Pick up that old musical instrument - music courses

Returning to play an old musical instrument after several years away won’t only help release a flood of nostalgia – it’s also a great mindful way of helping refocus your mind away from the pressures of your everyday routine.

Whether it’s playing the piano, drums or even returning to the recorder – rediscover your love of music in 2018.

Singing for beginners - starts Sun 14 Jan

Piano: return to playing - starts Wed 10 Jan

Saxophone 1: module 1 - starts Fri 12 Jan  

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Re-awaken your knowledge - humanities courses

Make 2018 the year to retrain your brain - whether it's exploring favourite childhood games, picking up that old history book gathering dust on the shelf, writing fiction, or re-visiting long forgotten literary classics. Here's a flavour of our humanities and social sciences courses for 2018...

Fascinating fictions: Vintage English Classics from the 1920s - starts 10 Jan
Victorian Britain - starts 8 Jan
Ways into creative writing - starts 15 Jan

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Regain your love of languages - language courses

We all know learning languages at school age can sometimes be a struggle, but if you’ve always regretted not taking your interests in languages further during your school years, fear not – it’s never too late to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of learning a new language – and learning a language is great for brain training at every stage of life. 

At City Lit, we’ve also got the widest range of language courses in the UK, so whether it’s returning to French or German, or trying something completely new such as Arabic or Korean, why not make 2018 the year you commit to learning a new language.

French beginners: module 1 - starts Mon 15 Jan
Korean beginners: module 1 - starts Wed 17 Jan
Spanish 1 fast-track: module 1 - starts Mon 20 Jan 

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Rekindle your fitness regime - dance and wellbeing courses

According to recent polling, the most popular New Year’s resolution in the UK is to exercise more, with 38% of people making this their top priority. We know for many, building up to a regular exercise routine can be a daunting task – so why not add some fun into the process by re-visiting old pastimes? Here’s just a taste of some great courses to help boost your fitness in 2018...

Aerobic power stretch - starts Fri 12 Jan
Ballet pointe: beginners - starts Mon 8 Jan
Tap dance: improvers - starts Mon 8 Jan

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