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Spotlight on: Chinese (Mandarin)

Story added 23rd Aug 2018

Spotlight on: Chinese (Mandarin)

Arguably one of the most challenging yet rewarding languages to learn, Chinese is one of the world's most spoken languages, with over 1.2 billion speakers worldwide. Whether you are looking to learn the language for business, or purely just to take on a new challenge, our tutors will support you to achieve your goals.

With courses available during the day and at evenings to suit the lifestyle of busy Londoners, there really is no reason why you can't aim to learn this exciting language by the end of the year!

What is coming up at City Lit?


Chinese beginners: module 1 (Tue) - Tue 18 Sep, 18:00-19:30

Chinese beginners: module 1 (Wed) - Wed 19 Sep, 18:00-19:45

Chinese beginners at a gentle pace: module 1 - Mon 17 Sep, 13:00-15:00

Chinese beginners intensive: module 1 - Thur 11 Oct, 18:30-20:30


 Chinese 2

Chinese 2 lower: module 1 - Tue 18 Sep, 19:35-21:05

Chinese 2 lower: module 1 - Wed 19 Sep, 14:30-16:30

Chinese 2 lower: module 1 - Thur 20 Sep, 18:00-19:30


Chinese 2 upper: module 1 - Tue 18 Sep, 13:30-15:15

Chinese 2 upper: module 1 - Wed 19 Sep, 19:45-21:30


 Chinese 3

Chinese 3 lower: module 1 - Tue 18 Sep, 18:00-19:45

Chinese 3 upper: module 1 - Mon 17 Sep, 11:00-12:45


Chinese 3/4: module 1 - Mon 17 Sep, 11:00-12:45


Chinese 4/5

Chinese 4/5 - Mon 15 Oct, 19:35-21:05

Learning Chinese: What's it like studying Chinese at City Lit?

We recently caught up with David Parton, a student at City Lit who was learning Chinese, to discover more about his experiences of Chinese classes at City Lit.

David Parton

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Basic Chinese Greetings

Meet Ting Poon, one of the Chinese tutors at City Lit, as she runs through basic greetings in Chinese.

Upcoming events

Mental Wealth Festival 2018

Mental Wealth Festival 2018


Join us on 10 & 11 September at City Lit and The National Gallery for a two day festival of talks, workshops and seminars including Laughter Yoga, Writing for Wellbeing, Tai Chi and Relax with Paintings.

This year's speakers include Grayson Perry, Bryony Gordon, Dr Kathryn Mannix and many others...


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City Lit Open Days

City Lit open days

Don't forget to book for our September Open Days! Our Open Days are the perfect opportunity to find out what life as a City Lit student is really like.

Take part in a taster session or workshop, chat to our friendly staff who are available to answer any burning questions you may have or take part in a guided tour of the building.


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