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Stammering Pride and Prejudice Conference 2016

Story added 28th Jul 2016

These leading voices are engaging directly with the disability activist movement and the principles of the social model of disability in the UK and US. This is a unique opportunity for you to find out more about this radical movement which has significant implications for work with children, young people and adults who stammer.

There will be:

  • Academic debate
  • Intellectual challenge and stimulation
  • Discussion of practical ways SLTs can develop their practice
  • Practical ideas and challenge to engage people who stammer

 If you are an SLT or person who stammers, are willing to step out of your comfort zone and would like to explore your position on otherness, difference and disability, then come along and join us on 3 November 2016.

The cost of the conference (£38) includes refreshments throughout the day, including lunch and a glass of wine to close.  

Book your place here:

Reserve your place by booking an Eventbrite ticket.

For further details, please email us at or call us on 020 7492 2579.

Download the Conference programme