Angela Tulloch, City Lit Sculpture Studio, 2019 (Photo: Dominic Harris)

Student Bursary recipient Angela Tulloch shares her story

26 February 2020
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Angela Tulloch, City Lit Sculpture Studio, 2019 (Photo: Dominic Harris)

Our Student Bursary helps support more Londoners experience education that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. We caught up with Angela Tulloch who has been studying at City Lit since 2015

'My name Angela Tulloch, I am a carer for my Mother who has several types of disabilities. My role has a carer can be very intense physically, mentally and draining on the body. It has been hard for both of us, especially my Mother. She is a true fighter because she suffered a stroke this year and she is getting better every day. My Mother is making me stronger. 

Receiving the City Lit Bursary has given me the scope for my mind to expand. The courses has created a balance with my creative self. It counteracts my carers skills. Why? It has liberated me. I no longer have that feeling of being stuck. 

I have always been inspired by the arts and crafts mainly abstract paintings. In 2015 I wanted to do a painting class but wasn’t sure where to study. I looked on quite a few websites and I was intrigued by City Lit adult courses.  I liked the sound of the ten weeks ‘Abstract Mix Media’ course. So I applied and the rest is history. 

A number of teachers have encouraged and inspired me so much for example abstract painters, film makers, sculptors, wood carving, printmakers and textiles. The list is endless they are all unique in their own way. 

The knowledge I have acquired has taught me to express my talents and abilities openly, and not to be afraid to be objective. City Lit has been and still is a life saver, it is a powerful positive transformation place for me. This opportunity has allowed my soul to sing because I am actually doing what makes me free and happy. 

There are two choices for an individual to apply for a bursary. One is in person or online. Both are simple to complete. 

I hope you have a positive and creative time here.'

Angela Tulloch 

Angela Tulloch, 2020 (Photo: Dominic Harris)Angela Tulloch, 2020 (Photo: Dominic Harris)

Angela Tulloch, 2020 (Photo: Dominic Harris)

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