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George Orwell's, Animal Farm, Directed by Vernon Thompson
This dramatization by Ian Wooldridge sticks closely to the book and allows a new generation to access a work approaching its 80th anniversary but just as urgent as ever, in the year we witnessed the C...
We invite our past and present photography students to enter a photography competition. If selected, your work will be framed and permanently displayed in the classrooms on the newly renovated second ...
A teacher talking
Voice skills are not just for actors, they are for anyone who wishes to unlock the full expressive potential of their voice. At City Lit we have a wide range of courses which help you to explore and u...
a shelf of music history books
Learn more about Music History courses at City Lit!
Learning to sing online: six reasons why it works
Antique painting
Examining the origins of a piece of music can transform the way you listen to it. Music History examines the history of the composer and unpicks the social, political, economic, and cultural trends of...
Musicians playing instruments
Reflections on learning and playing chamber music online by Gisela Meyer (chamber music tutor)
Jacqueline Quinn
Ahead of the City Lit Theatre Company's online adaptation of Cristian Solimeno's highly acclaimed film 'I Made This For You' this December, we caught up with Jacqueline Quinn who plays the role of Meg...
I Made This For You by Cristian Solimeno, Directed by Gary Grant
Directed by Gary Grant, who starred in the original film and especially adapted for City Lit, this searingly honest play tackles mental health and depression head on. The taboo of mental health, depr...
 Trish Shaw
We’d like to introduce Trish Shaw, the Head of School for Performing Arts. We had a chat with Trish about her role at City Lit and her passion for music and the arts.