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We invite our past and present photography students to enter a photography competition. If selected, your work will be framed and permanently displayed in the classrooms on the newly renovated second ...
Anti-prorogation protest Whitehall August 2019, Cris Heaton
Whilst it may not have been possible to visit the exhibition, 'I used to be a photography student' at the City Lit Gallery, during March we can bring still one of the exhibitors to you - Cris Heaton -...
A student admiring the artwork at the 'I used to be a photography student' exhibition.
'I used to be a photography student' exhibition features the work of past City Lit students who have completed one of our photography courses in the last 5 years.
Ladies in traditional Japanese dress in Kyoto
Everybody has taken a selfie at some point in their lives, although some of us more than others! If you’ve ever dressed up and felt amazing, but just can’t seem to capture that in a selfie that yo...
Image of Lucy, Dave and Gene Wilson sitting in a field
"Lots of people probably join the open day to come away with a few ideas, maybe a new skill or two. For us, we came away with a new and wonderful life."